Imperial Trash

Imperial Trash > porcelain tableware from broken Chinese vases.

Imperial Trash > porcelain tableware from broken Chinese vases

Imperial Trash > tableware

Inspired by Jingdezhen's amazing porcelain, Imperial Trash project translates existing traditional fine porcelain pottery-wares shreds into contemporary tableware utensils.

Jingdezhen workshops used to produce fine tableware and porcelain decoration for the emperor, and it is known as the "porcelain capital of the world" because its huge exports to Europe also.
It is said that Jindezhen's porcelain is "as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, with a sound as clear as a bell".

The city of Jingdezhen is flooded by porcelain workshops and stores everywhere.
Due to the concentration of porcelain related activity, the city is full of broken wares, pieces of giant vases can be found at almost every corner, broken jars, malformed pots, cracked vases... beautiful pottery leftovers are abundant there.

Imperial Trash turns broken glazed porcelain pieces with amazing colors and patterns into nice dishes, trays and bowls with smooth shapes and rounded edges.

Imperial Trash > vase

Imperial Trash > tableware

Imperial Trash > smooth detail

Imperial Trash > mini-vase

The contour of each piece is designed based on the irregular shapes of the broken shreds, giving a soft touch to the aggressive pieces of broken porcelain.
With the help of a stone master from Kowloon City / Hong Kong, the pieces were cut and smoothed, paying special attention to radius and continuous curvatures in order to soften the look and feel and transform each piece into a sleek tableware.

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